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福建31选7基本走势图 An In-Vehicle-Infotainment hub is the latest development in next generation information systems bridging the long anticipated link between Car, IT system and the end-user beyond the existing framework of “Car Navigation”, “Car Audio”. 


State-of-the-art Verification for IVI - Allion

In-Vehicle-Infortainment is the latest development in next generation information system making the long anticipated bridge between Car, IT system and the end-user beyond the existing framework of "Car Navigation","Car Audio". By including the ability to connect with smart phone and telematics service. Enhancing the overall environment; therefore, making it more comfortable for the end-user.

At this point, product development and the surrounding ecosystem have become ever more complex, due to the enhancement of interface standards such as Bluetooth and USB. At the same time continued updates of Android / iOS, have created ever more diversified platforms.

Among various IT products available, IVI products (car navigation, car audio, storage device, etc) are required and expected to endure extreme temperature change, vibration and humidity fluctuations.

Thus, the verification of products during the development stage is subsequently of equal importance to the development of the product.

Allion provides trusted quality verification services for the IVI industry, allowing your development teams to meet and exceed the requirements of the IoT era.

Allion's Strength

Allion provides high technological skills and flexible verification services, and we have abundant resource for verification according to customer needs. Moreover, we can provide global support to your global product.

Solutions provided for IVI verification

We offer various solutions to verify your IVI product adequately.

Unrivaled Technical skills and Flexible Services

The process of verification has become ever more complex. This has been brought about by the diversifying of interface standards such as Bluetooth and USB, a wide array of newly released cell phones specs and continuous OS version updates etc. Allion provides not only test services, but also consulting services for necessary testing and reporting. Most importantly, we’re able to provide an analysis of the log after testing. Here at Allion we listen and keep our clients concerns at heart. Therefore whenever we receive feedback such as ”The log is so lengthily, analyzing would take forever” or “we are unable to extract the necessary data we received for analysis”. Allion will  designate an expert engineer to provide exclusively tailored solutions for our clients.

Abundant Validation Resources

Numerous products around the world utilize Allions’ services, and we provide tailor made testing solutions for all of our clients. We constantly target and purchase the latest up-to-date inventory of products to enhance our leading position.



Hardware and Platform 

  • CarPlay
  • Android Auto
  • Original Platform
  • Smartphone
  • USB Memory
  • Media Player
  • SD Card
  • Tablet
  • Access Point


Global Support

We provide testing facilities and solutions for products sold in any region worldwide.


Global IOT Test

Securing the interoperability (IOP) between IVI and mobile phones is one of the most important aspects for IVI product development worldwide. The difficulties of maintaining an up-to-date mobile device inventory is not only difficult but also a costly problem for development teams.

Allion’s global IOP testing service can not only reduce costs ,but also provide efficient IOP verification with the highest quality of engineering service.

Field Driving Tests

When a vehicle is tested under the most inhospitable environment the risks of unexpected problems greatly increases for the development team. Allion offers driving field tests for a verity of driver distractions while the vehicle is moving including, visibility, operability, etc. 


Android Auto / CarPlay / MirrorLink

“MirrorLink” which was developed by Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), “AndroidAuto” by Google and “CarPlay” by Apple are becoming ever more popular recently. Allion has kept in pace with the latest technology and contributes to the improvement of product quality via a strong relationship with various standards bodies, automotive companies and IVI manufactures.

  • Functional test for Android Auto, CarPlay, MirrorLink
  • USB testing service for MFi, CarPlay certification
  • IOP testing with smartphones worldwide


Standard Certification & Compliance

Allion is an authorized first tier lab partner of leading technical standards bodies.

For more detail information, please click here


Test Automation

Test automation is becoming more and more important for various product including IVI. Allion’s solution aims at improving the accuracy and efficiency of testing, reduction of manpower and time etc.


Environmental Test

In the real-world, IT products are exposed to extreme environmental conditions, which is why reliability testing is such an important criteria  of product testing.


Wireless Connection Optimization

Allion provides higher-order methods to verify the quality of wireless connection which exceeds the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth compliance test.


RF Tuner Test

Before carrying out field testing, we are able to provide state of the art in-house testing solutions using Allion’s TV signal library. Allowing our clients to detect problems in advance.


  • Channel Scan, Tuner sensitivity, Picture Quality, Audio performance, Caption, EPG, Program Information


Marketing Advantages

Allion provides Third-party Product Endorsement to improve your product branding. Our competitive analysis can reveal hidden strengths and weaknesses on your product. You can use our certificates and reports  to strengthen branding on your sales promotion and trade shows etc. 





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