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Allion Labs: The Very First Authorized Test Center of Mobile HDR Premium

福建31选7基本走势图 Ultra High Definition Alliance (UHDA) has recently authorized Allion as its very first ATC (Authorized Test Center) for Mobile HDR PremiumTM in Asia. Starting from today, we are able to provide complete UHD conformance test, including pre-tests, technical consulting, certification tests, as well as debugging supports.

The popularizations of 4K/UHD HDR animations, videos and related products have allowed individuals to have better visual effects nowadays. In response to the trend, UHDA has established specifications and compliance tests for vendors to manufacture “certified 4K display products,” such as TV, monitor, digital signage, etc. Mobile HDR PremiumTM is another certification program for the mobile devices that support 4K and HDR features, and, depending on different screen sizes, the program has defined three kinds of standards: smart phone (3.7-7 inch), tablet (7-12 inch), and laptop (9.5-18 inch).

Formed by 35+ TV makers, Hollywood production companies, and content providers, UHDA aims to ensure consumers to have the best 4K and HDR experiences. Therefore, they establish certification programs to define the resolution, color gamut, bit rate, brightness, and darkness for the video equipment that support 4K and HDR features. The members include well-known companies, such as LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Sony, Netflix, and Amazon.

Authorized by UHDA, Allion has become the very first ATC that is able to perform certification test of Mobile HDR PremiumTM in Asia. With the extensive experiences in TV and monitor testing, our experts can provide various solutions during your test and debugging process. In addition, Allion have deep cooperation relationships with several Standard Alliances such as HDMI LA, VESA, and DCP. We can provide various consultations and test services to fit your specific needs. 

Contact us now if you are interested in any of our program: [email protected]m

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